life insurance in islam

life insurance in islam

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So today we will talk about life insurance in islam. What is Insurance according to Islam its Right or Not?

What is the point of view? Furthermore, regardless of whether you can finish your Insurance. Since we get a many individuals from various insurance companies

People advise us to guarantee your future is protected It will be splendid. Such countless People guarantee

Presently there are a few distinct kinds of Insurance Health Insurance/Travel Insurance/Education Insurance/Agriculture Insurance

Now I will give you a guide to figure out Insurance. Furthermore, what is its perspective in Islam?

You will become clear from this example.

There is a worker who has been protecting farming for quite a long time. That worker Doing business in horticulture, he has his own territory, presently he has ten

He has done his Insurance for a month. Now this worker pays Dollar If it requires 10 months to pay the Insurance then the total amount is Dollar. 50,000.

What’s more, if inside those 10 months his harvest is obliterated or his business experiences any further misfortune, a catastrophic event strikes. So on the off chance that he loses something like this, he needs to pay Dollar. 500000 to the company.

To cover his misfortune and in the event that there is no misfortune, in the 10 months of which he had taken insurance.

Then he won’t get back the cash that he had he had deposited in the company. So this is the manner in which Islam could do without him.

Similarly, a similar rule applies to different kinds of Insurance. In the event that there is a deficiency of either the deficiency of the company or the deficiency of the worker who has done uprising.

Presently Islam doesn’t acknowledge this technique. Furthermore, this is called interest

For instance, a worker gets some cash from another worker. According to presently the moneylender, I will give yet I have a condition that assuming I loan you 100 Dollar you should reimburse me 110 Dollar.

If it is above Dollar. 10 then it will be interest. But in our religion of Islam it is not allowed. If you pay Rs.

If you have lent, then it is right to take it back. So in the business of insurances, there is an element of interest in it and another element of interest, which is not entirely correct. Not at all.

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